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Cops Charge Cancer Patient for Cannabis

posted Apr 25, 2015, 9:12 PM by The Editor   [ updated Apr 25, 2015, 9:42 PM ]

DIAMOND BAR, CA (April 15, 2015) - Acting on a tip, uniformed police in Diamond Bar knocked on the door of a residence in July of2014.  La’Prill O’Brien was home alone with her two children, ages 7 and 15. Through the window, La’Prill could see the police outside and immediately called her husband Rick, who was living in Arizona at the time. Finally relenting to the pounding, she opened the door.

Cops Charge Cancer Patient for Cannabis
They explained that they had received a complaint that marijuana was being grown on the premises and needed to come in and see for themselves. They said they just needed to look and see if everything was okay. La’Prill said that she had a valid doctor’s recommendation for medical cannabis and they needed a warrant to enter. Upon saying this, another officer approached and said if they were not allowed in then they would proceed to smash her TV, slice up her furniture, and basically trash the place.
Cops Charge Cancer Patient for Cannabis

Relenting she gave them entry. Inside, police officers began intimidating the family. As her 15-year-old son attempted to film, a cop threatened to body slam him if he did not stop. La’Prill was then escorted outside to a waiting police car where she remained as 11 police cars rolled up in the quiet neighborhood in the affluent city. Her son was told if he tried to film them again they would lock him up in the most n***** (derogatory expletive for African-American) infested group home they had.

Neither Rick nor La’Prill has a criminal record.They are both upstanding citizens, La’Prill with a BS in psychology and Rick with a background in criminal justice (insert irony here). She has suffered from ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, endured radiation treatment and chemotherapy, and six surgeries over the course of ten years. She began using Cannabis to alleviate the pain and nausea that the disease and treatment gave her. She was able to reduce her opioid medication, stating that “cannabis was able to take away the pain”. The police charged La’Prill and Rick with cultivation, as well as child endangerment and subsequently took three of her five children into custody. The oldest boy had been housed in south central Compton, true to the threat.  La’Prill was held for five days, never being allowed a phone call and was released in Pomona, at night, without her phone, no money, as if she was homeless and without any resource.

Finally, her children were released from custody, but the trauma has left its mark. Once straight A students, her children now struggle to make average grades. The CPS caseworker that called upon them stated he had real cases to attend to and this was just a waste of his time. For once, CPS did the right thing and advocated for dismissal of any trumped up endangerment. Still Rick and La’Prill still face cultivation charges, even though her recommendation was valid.        

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About The Human Solution International:THSI is a grassroots federally recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, which includes over 50 chapters. THSI supports members of the community through the trials they face as cannabis consumers through court support, prison outreach, and education. Members believe that standing together in solidarity against this unfair treatment of civil rights will keep people out of prison for a plant which has been proven to hold many medicinal and health benefits.

By Mike Harris

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No One Should Go To Jail For A Plant!