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Dustin Costa Denied Medical Care in Federal Prison

posted Nov 11, 2014, 7:45 PM by The Editor
(Florence, Colorado-November 10, 2014) Dustin Costa has served nearly ten years in the USP Florence ADMAX satellite camp. He is diabetic suffering from an infection in his foot.

Dustin is in an extreme amount of pain and Tylenol is the only pain relief offered. What is worse is that he is not being given the proper medical attention his condition deserves.

Costa states his infection is spreading and he is being denied antibiotics. They want to bypass the antibiotics and solve the problem by draining the wound. Costa feels this decision puts his life at risk.

The Human Solution International is requesting supporters to rise up and answer a call to action that begs the system to follow the law. THSI is asking people to write letters and to call the penitentiary requesting Costa be treated with the medical attention the constitution requires.

Please send letters to:

RE: Dustin Costa #62406-097
P.O. Box 5000
Florence Co. 81226

Calling the penitentiary is an effective and quick way to make a difference in Dustins quality of care. The phone number to the USP satellite camp is 719-784-9464.

For more information regarding support for Dustin Costa and others like him, visit: The Human Solution International at

By Mindi Griffiths

Joe Grumbine
The Human Solution International
a 501(c)(3) organization
Ph: (951) 436-6312
Fax: (520) 509-6845


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