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Jury Nullification for America's Bad Drug Laws

posted May 19, 2014, 5:41 AM by The Editor   [ updated May 19, 2014, 12:59 PM ]

Jury Nullification

Joe Grumbine of The Human Solution speaking to Orange County NORML on May 16, 2014 about jury nullification.

We have bad drug laws in America. In fact, all of our drug laws in America are bad.  We don't have any good ones.

There is not a single good drug law in America. Proposition 215 sucks.  It's a terrible law. Why? Because it didn't figure it out. They thought because they're going to leave it ambiguous that they're going to do the right thing err on the side of the intention. Did that happen? No. The opposite happened. SB 420, how'd that work out? Oh yeah, no, that didn't work, either. It hasn't helped anybody.

The bottom line is all of our laws are terrible. We need to fix them.The controlled substances act needs to be changed, and until it's changed, we won't have any good laws.
Orange County NORML May 2014

In federal court, there is nothing. You have no hope in hell.  There's not even a defense.

The only hope you have is one juror standing up and saying 'nope, not gonna do it.'

But not just standing up, getting through the process...


There's no such thing as a pot crime.