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Keyth Morton Sentenced in Santa Ana, California (October 2014)

posted Nov 2, 2014, 6:53 PM by Sports Desk   [ updated Nov 2, 2014, 10:32 PM ]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - October 15, 2014

Keyth Morton arrived to court prepared to accept his sentence for transportation and possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

  Once his motion for a new trial was denied and Superior court judge,Sherri Honer  acknowledged the receipt of the defence recommendation and letters of support the court recessed for three hours.

Upon Mortons return he looked back at those who attended for his support.  “Keyth was admonished,” stated Joe Grumbine, founder of The Human Solution International.  “A bailiff came up and whispered to him for about 2 minutes.  I can only imagine what was said.”  The supporters were then warned not to communicate with the prisoner. They were familiar with this bailiff who hassled them at Mortons trial.   

After family spoke on Mortons behalf and motions were made and denied,  Keyth expressed his thankfulness to his supporters, remorse, and willingness to do what is necessary to comply with the court.  The DA recomended four years prison time.  The judge issued a sentence of 3 years probation, 150 days in jail, 250 hours of community service, and fines.  There were no weapons or victims in this case.

Morton has 68 days credited to his sentence. He is required to register as a drug offender, undergo drug testing, be open to searches.  Keyth is not allowed to possess a firearm or ever use cannabis medicinally.  He is also not allowed to speak with his co-defendants.  Morton has 60 days to file an appeal.


Please visit The Human Solution International at to help Keyth Morton and others like him. Prison outreach and court support are a few of the services offered by this non profit dedicated to human rights. Be the solution!

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